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Retro Vintage Dresses was established in early 2011 with the goal of offering retro and vintage inspired clothing for women throughout the US and internationally. 

Over the years, our store has undergone some changes. Early on, we offered a crazy collection (a lot...) of pinup heels and burlesque shoes. While they were pretty awesome, we felt it would make more sense to focus on clothing - mainly dresses, skirts and blouses. We also offered a huge selection of swimwear which we may keep a select few styles, because well, nothing compares to vintage inspired swimwear -- especially the nautical styles! We have also completely revamped out store, changed out our entire shopping platform to make your shopping experience simple and easy. 

shopping at retro vintage dresses

Here's a secret...not so secret...we are ALWAYS running a promotion! At anytime shopping with us, you can receive 15% off of your entire order. 


Simply enter: RETROKITTY 

(hint: the promo code never expires!)

See, easy!! Also, if you are purchasing in bulk, lets say for a school or musical, bridal party, etc... just send us a quick message and we will work with you to give you the best price possible! 

Are you looking for a particular color, style, size, print... you get the idea? Let us know, we will do our best to get it for you! 

Here's to another fabulous year in the Retro Vintage Dresses World! Let us know how we can help! 

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