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Vintage inspired clothing is always in style. There is something very timeless and classic about the designs from the 50's, 60's 70's and beyond. Each season, it seems that a past style is revived and captures the look for that season. Whether it's the sophisticated 70's style with pleated skirts and long sheer maxi dresses & polka dot blouses, these styles become sought after once again. Finding retro & vintage dresses in the stores are not always easy. Maybe that fabulous retro paisley print is no where to be found, or your local store simply does not carry plus size retro dresses, well, we are here to help!


We carry a variety of sizes and styles and when the dress you have your heart set on is not available in the size you need, just ask us, we can special order it for you! We also specialize in custom designs as well, we will help you to create the perfect vintage style dress in any size, even children's retro dresses. If you are ordering for a wedding or event which requires ordering in bulk, contact us for special discounted pricing and so we can ensure that all of your items arrive as fast as possible. Retro Vintage Dresses is currently an online-only store. We ship worldwide for your convenience & offer 30 day returns & exchanges!